Crooked City Cider is Oakland's original cider; producing a variety of kick-ass craft ciders, currently available at select Oakland bars and restaurants and at our shared tasting room at 477 25th Street in Uptown Oakland. 

Our hand crafted ciders are produced in small batches in Uptown Oakland and contain no artificial flavorings or added sugars. They are all gluten free and produced without any animal products (vegan friendly!).  We start with fresh, unfiltered apple juice, pressed locally in Northern California.

 We do not filter, add sulfites or pasteurize,  providing true cider flavors and a beautiful pour. Because of our small-batch and lack of filtering/additives, our ciders are consistently changing and may at times pour cloudy. Fear not, this is natural and part of the living components of our raw cider. 

If you're looking for a sessionable cider that you can drink like a beer, you've found it! 

1930's Prohibition. The Bushouse brothers, John and Peter —desperate for booze in their neck of the woods—  created a moonshine production and distribution operation for all of Southern Michigan and Northern Indiana. They were wildly successful, and despite "beating the rap" a few times, their luck eventually wore out and they were convicted and sent to prison. This crooked  history was denied by the family for years, until Crooked City Cider's founder (and great niece of John and Peter) did some research and unveiled the truth.

Fast forward to today, Crooked City Cider has decided to take that family knowledge to create a similarly successful booze line ... legally!

Join us in this adventure as we move into uncharted territory producing a local craft cider that will not only blow your taste-buds out of the water, but also bring out the "crooked" in all of us.

Dana, John and Peter's great-niece, started Crooked City Cider out of her basement in 2014. She slowly grew the company, one step at a time, with much hands-on help from area friends. Today, she runs all facets of the company- single-handedly! From recipe development to production to cleaning to kegging to sales to website to tasting room, she's got her hands full! The plan is to continue growing and eventually start adding to the team.



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 Peter and John Bushouse's drive and passion for giving people what they want has been carried down to their great-niece, Dana Bushouse.

Peter and John Bushouse's drive and passion for giving people what they want has been carried down to their great-niece, Dana Bushouse.